The king of kings of Mali was a generous businessman who brought splendor to his territories.

Attributed to Abraham Cresques

Who is the richest man in history?
How much money did Mansa Musa’s fortune amount to?
How did Mansa Musa die?

Neither Bill Gates, neither Rupper Murdock nor Rockefeller, the richest man in history, was an African king of the Middle Ages, Musa I of Mali, better known as Mansa…

Chilling stories unfold in these gloomy places that seem to come out of a horror movie have real mysteries.

hounted house
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Would you dare to visit the most famous haunted houses around the world?
Did you know any of these cases?
Would you be able to sleep in any of them?

Legend has it that there are haunted places all over the planet.

Cursed houses that hide tragic stories, murders, suicides…

These are the ten most credible extraterrestrial cases of all time.

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Are we the only intelligent species in the universe?
Have you ever wondered what are the most striking cases of contact with beings from other worlds?
What happens when a human being has close contact with an alien?

News of extraterrestrials has surfaced in different societies for millennia.

People claimed…

These disappearances are so inexplicable that they have captured the public imagination and continue to intrigue us today.

Photo by ALEXANDRE LALLEMAND on Unsplash

How many people disappear every day in the world?
Who investigates these disappearances?
What really happened?

While it is true, death is a natural process in every human being, and when it happens to someone close to you or perhaps an artist you look at, it can be shocking.


Her brutal genocidal practices were condemned even by her son, who asked Napoleon III for help to end his mother’s reign.

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Who was Ranavalona I of Madagascar?
What were the crimes he committed?
What did the torture call ‘The Judgment of God’ consist of?

History is full of male and female world leaders who became famous because of their tyrannic and inhuman quests to dominate.

Some of them even ended the…

These events made the world wonder whether time travel could be a reality.

time travel
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What if time travel is possible?
What time travel stories do you know?
What if the government hasn’t told us the whole truth?

Urban legends of time travelers are a mystery that intrigues people, and some stories became famous because of the controversy they raised.

All of them have remained…

Clytemnestra and Aegisthus murdered Agamemnon in cold blood in revenge for the death of Iphigenia.

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

What was the name of the daughter sacrificed by Agamemnon?
What was Clytemnestra’s revenge?
Who was the lover of Clytemnestra?

She was Agamemnon’s wife, daughter of Tindarus, king of Sparta.

And his wife Leda, sister of Helen, Castor, and Polux.

According to some traditions, the only mortal of the four…

Stars who have told in some interviews about having had unusual experiences.

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Do you believe in ghosts?
Have you experienced any paranormal events?
Did these paranormal experiences affect your lifestyle?

The universe and humanity are full of mysteries and secrets that exceed what is known.

Although some scientists doubt them, many people at some point in their lives went through inexplicable situations…

It is a mind-blowing mythological story about a woman tortured by her circumstances.

Photo by Ashley Ibarra on Unsplash

What did Medea do for Jason?
What is Medea syndrome?
Why did Medea kill her children?

Medea, daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis, was the wife of Jason and mother of his two children.

Jason was a hero of Greek mythology famous for starring in the Argonauts’ expedition in search…

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