Sex, lies, and photographs

blonde femme fatale
blonde femme fatale
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Is Jodi Arias a psycho?

Is it ideal to do a photoshoot before committing a crime?

Is it possible that in the background he left the camera there to be discovered?

Travis’s friends always tried to put him on alert, as they never trusted Jodi. In fact, when he decided to break off their relationship, he told her never to write him again because he was afraid of her.

On June 4, 2008, Travis Victor Alexander, a 31-year-old American, was murdered in his own Arizona home by Jodi Ann Arias, his ex-partner.

Who was Travis Alexander?

Name: Travis Victor Alexander
Birth: July 28, 1977
Riverside, California

With these tips, you are a candidate to obtain an honors degree in the art of oral sex.

lick lips
lick lips
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Do you like it?

What are the best ways to enjoy it?

What is the technique that most excites women?

There is no infallible table of steps to achieve the perfect cunnilingus because each person is different, but with these small guidelines that I give you, you will be on the right track.

The key is practice, practice, and more practice, without forgetting how essential communication is to know what you like and how you like it.

Only in this way, you find the way to give and receive your perfect cunnilingus.

Whether due to (lack of knowledge, lack of…

Non-stop sex, natural drugs, flowers, and a lot of colors

hippie community
hippie community
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Who are they?
What is their message?
What values do they stand for?

The meetings of the Rainbow movement are utopian-anarchist new age celebrations. Events in which the main protagonists are freedom, love, and harmony. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome.

No matter who you are or where you live. There you can enjoy freedom without having to explain yourself. This event arises to create a world without traps, authorities, and organizations where we can be ourselves.

This movement has never existed as a formal institution. Among themselves, they call (“brothers and sisters”) and consider the (“Rainbow Family”).



It will make your legs tremble

naked woman
naked woman
Photo by John Rocha from Pexels

Where is that which captures us and to which we give ourselves as readers?
What awakens your lust?
What is the best way to the ecstasy of your imagination?

Much has long written about eroticism, sex, love, passion. But some writers are still very present in our memory for their particular perversity when describing with words the eroticism of their characters through erotic phrases.

Here are some writers like the famous Marquis de Sade, who was ahead of his time and spoke for the first time about sex and pain; from writers like Nabokov who wrote the famous book (“Lolita”)…

When writing was not for girls

Photo by Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

Did you know that the first known female author in history was a woman?
Did you know these women hidden behind a pseudonym?
Do you know any other stories?

Throughout history, many women have gone into anonymity or hide their real names.

In the literary world, the long tradition of women posing as men to publish their work reaches back to at least the nineteenth century. Jane Austen hid her identity, although not her gender, behind the pen name “A Lady.” The Brontë sisters all wrote under male pen names at one time or another. …

Do I really love them?

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

What do women mean to Picasso?
What place do they occupy in his art?
How do they influence his life?

The work of Pablo Picasso (1881, Malaga — 1973, Mougins) has a close connection to his personal life.

During his 92 years of life, he developed an extensive body of work, would serve as a mirror of his intense biography and his inner world.

However, his relationship with women left much to desire. He admired for his talent, feared by his mistresses.

Here I will introduce you to some of the most important women in the painter’s life, who played…

You will think twice before eating out.

biting a hamburger
biting a hamburger
Photo by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

Do you want to know what happens in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant when the customer is not there?
Do they sell you what they promise?
Are you sure you know what you are eating?

We all like to be well, but certain attitudes make you lose your reason, such as the bad manners they use to address customers.

In a decade of working life, I have seen many examples.

The expired product, the inflated price, the cold food, the misinformed customers, etc.

Eating is a pleasure, or so they say, but if many customers knew what goes on…

Sometimes, even the worst people of society do great things.

angel or devil
angel or devil
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What drives a human being to want to destroy another?

Is evil a natural trait or a consequence of the frictions of life in society?

Anyone can commit atrocities?

They went down in history as evil people, the worst of the worst, and responsible for millions of deaths, tortures, and horrific episodes that will remain marked forever, but as despicable as they were, dictators also had their good side.

Causers of wars, genocides, and human rights violations, these five historical figures also carried out measures that are seen as positive.

1.- Gengis Kan

Royal Household: Borjigin
Dynasty: Genghisidas
Father: Yesugei
Mother: Hoelun
Consort: Börte
Heir: Ogodei Kan
Descendants: Jochi,Chagatai,Ogodei…

Some of the most striking custom

couple tribe
couple tribe
Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash

What is sex life like in other parts of the world?

Do sexual habits change much?

Which one is more incredible to you?

All societies control people’s sexuality.

In ours, although we believe we are liberal, sex is a taboo subject. A clear example is the origin of the so-called (missionary position).

After James Cook conquered Samoa, Anglican missionaries arrived on the island and discovered that the natives enjoyed sex freely.

They consider it a natural act that gave pleasure and should be enjoyable.

The most commonly used position was that of the woman on top or squatting.

The Anglicans…

Portrait of people who became the emotional punching bag of their lovers.

shocked man
shocked man
Photo by Kraken image on Unsplash

Who has not experienced that knot in the stomach when we feel that a person we trusted has disappointed us?

Why do many people end up closing themselves off and not believing in people?

Is it true that no one can be trusted?

For a disappointment to happen, we must have previously built an expectation.

If such behavior deviates from what we consider appropriate, we get angry, disappointed, saddened, and even get the feeling that we do not know the person in front of us.

The hatred between families, social class differences, political interests, infidelities, death, and pain surrounded the…

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